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cas53 39 4

Excellent! got products very fast. test in my own lab,pure products,real hgh inside. 3days from china to united states!

—— Jason headly

i bought 10kits hgh,blue top. blood serum tests show so good,i like it,that is what i am finding,thanks,will forward next orders.

—— Tony

my skin feel well after i used peptides products like ghrp-6,it back to the normal healthy skin. lol!

—— frank

im a seller in U.K,one of my customers came out with his blood work he tested for the hygetropin I sold him. Theys came back 25 serum,great!

—— Loly

The last order of 1000grams Trenbolone Acetate you sent me was fantastic quality, actually the best I have ever personally done Mass Spec testing on

—— Tyler U.S

items arrived safely ,Thank you so much for safe packaging. I hope I didn't offend you by asking that it would be safe. Your methods are full proof.

—— Chris

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cas53 39 4

China 99.5% quality bodybuilding powders anavarr  (oxan-drolonne) cas53-39-4 factory

99.5% quality bodybuilding powders anavarr (oxan-drolonne) cas53-39-4

Oxand rolonne CAS: 53-39-4 CAS: 53-39-4 EINECS: 200-172-9 Assay: 99% min. Packing: foil bag or tin. Delivery: Express courier. Character: White crystalline powder. Read More
2016-05-11 14:25:26
China Hot sale Oxandrolone(anavar) cas53-39-4 factory

Hot sale Oxandrolone(anavar) cas53-39-4

Oxandrolone(Anavar) Oxandrolone(Anavar) CAS NO.:53-39-4 Oxandrolone(Anavar) Chemical Name: Cyclopenta[5,6]naphtho[1,2-c]pyran-2(1H)-one,tetradecahydro-7-hydroxy-4a,6a,7-trimethyl-, (4aS,4bS,6aS,7S,9aS,9bR,11aS)... Read More
2016-05-11 14:25:27
China Hot sale Oxandrolone cas53-39-4 factory

Hot sale Oxandrolone cas53-39-4

Oxandrolone Product name: Oxandrolone Synonym: Anavar;Protivar CAS Registry Number: 53-39-4 M.F.: C19H30O3 M.W.: 306.44 Assays: 99% Packaging: foil bag Appearance: White, odorless crystalline powder For more ... Read More
2016-05-23 17:40:57
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